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Summer Blogging: Introducing Color Theory Part 4: Quick Color Systems Run Down

July 30, 2017

Happy Sunday Evening to all you beautiful souls!

It’s been a really fast week and I miss Canada so much! Although, I was only there for 6 days and primarily for my cousin’s wedding, it was so fun to explore downtown Calgary, Banff National Park, Saskatoon Farm, Calgary Zoo, and etc.. Just being in a different environment was amazing <3. If you haven’t already been following my personal IG account, msxgracie, feel free to add me and follow my Canada Trip. Who knows what other trip I might be able to squeeze into my schedule before the school semester starts 😉.  Also look through my Gallery again if you’re interested in the full tour at Haywood by KB Homes.  <3 I had a great time staying cool this weekend! 

Before my Canada Trip though, we discussed about color interaction and how it can effects, distort, and create illusions in our minds. These distortions and illusions help interior designers understand the importance that can make the space complex and helps guide the desired feel for the space. It seems that now we can start the selection of color and color schemes, so why understand color systems? Well, it’s not so much as to pinpoint which color system to use, but rather to understand the basic systematic color concept to help with planning the color schemes. I will list out the different color systems that were provided from the textbook. Quickly reviewing each system, the two most popular systems that are used are Munsell and Ostwald. These systems define the colors by the hue (color), value (light or dark), and it’s chroma (saturation or intensity) either in some form of a sphere, circle, or cone. The important thing about these systems is that it helps with organizing the variability of color so that “selections can be made in an orderly and logical way”(Pile 41).

Color Systems:
Munsell System
Ostwald System
DIN System
CIE System
OAS System
Kuppers System
Gerritsen System
NCS System
Color-Aid System


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